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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Daniel Dennett - Episode 68

Daniel Dennett LAFs with us!

One of the Four Horsemen of the anti-apocalypse, Daniel Dennett is the author of many books, including Breaking The Spell, which is a must-read for anyone leaving religion.

His latest book, Intuition Pumps and Other Tools for Thinking is available now.

Special thanks to Sarah Morehead with Recovering From Religion for her help setting up this interview.


  1. I really enjoyed the mention of AA. I grappled with this in the early days of my "outed" atheism and it was a source of stress and fear. "What was my recovery based upon if god is not real? Could I have stopped without a higher power?" The answer is: It was ALWAYS based upon my desire to be sober and the help and advice of others. It is possible, like so many other things, to discard the higher power and keep the good parts of a recovery program.
    Cheers, Nik Braswell
    Lake Worth, TX

  2. Nik: Firstly and most importantly, I would never presume to advise an addict and I have never walked in the shoes of a person trying to recover from addiction. My contact with addiction is through family members trying to recover only.

    I want to add to your comment that I found Trimpey's Rational Recovery excellent and empowering. I read it and I chose to leave the mumbo-jumbo behind.

    Luke TheAtheist