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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Working through it

Here's the latest from the Shrink.

I start Lunesta today, and double my double my dose of Prazosin to 10 mg.

I'm on Lexapro, but still too early in the ramp up process to tell if it's doing anything.

Clonazepam for emergency relief during panic attacks.

Ritalin for focus at work.

For a while I bragged about being med-free, but always said I would go back on meds if I needed to. A series of events triggered some wicked flashbacks, panic attacks and blackouts.

We start again, knowing more than we did, and with better help and support than ever.

I share this because I know many of you care. I also believe it's vital that we bring mental health issues to the forefront of discussion. I'm doing that.

Thank you for caring and for your support.

--Rich Lyons


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I appreciate your openness and honesty.


  2. My thoughts are with you, wishing you health, serenity, and all the best.


  3. I hope the medication will help bring a little balance and peace for now. I've always been iffy about meds because they were forced on me as a child, but I recognize that they can really help sometimes and amend my views when that is evidently the case.

    Take care and take it easy, you just do whatever you need to get that peace of mind again.

  4. Hang in there Rich... there are many of us out here who are rooting for you and hoping you'll be back soon to help others get over the god virus!


  5. Good luck, Rich, and hang in there. Psychogenic drugs saved my life once, you just have to hang on until they do.

    We're all pulling for you.

  6. I wish you well. You story is an inspiration. I was a worship leader for two decades, part time youth pastor for a couple years, and a missionary for a few months from a charismatic church. I know how hard it was on my family when I stopped lying to myself and admitted I wasn't a christian anymore. I can only imagine being a pastor and coming to terms with it. Be well and please accept my heart felt admiration and respect for having the integrity and courage to follow wherever the truth may lead.


  7. yes, all the best ..whatever you do .
    ever thought of trying meditation .
    meds can be just another crutch like religion .
    I am sure at times they are necessary but Ritilin for focus ?

  8. All the best to you.

    Meds can certainly be a great help to many people. It's amazing how we think nothing of taking medication for things like diabetes or high blood pressure as needed, but there can often be a stigma attached to medication to help with brain chemical issues.

    You have to do what works best for you, Rich.

  9. I wish the best for you, Rich.

  10. Hang in there. I had PTSD after I was a missionary for 2 years. It is miserable, I know. And you were in the ministry so much longer so I can't imagine your pain. Science has some wonderful things to help but it takes time to heal. A book that really helped me with religion based PTSD was Waking The Tiger by Peter Levine. Me and my wonderful therapist went through it together. It is a way of looking at PTSD that did not cause me guilt or make me feel like PTSD was a character flaw, but just something that happens due to evolutionary instinct. Very science based. You hang in there. You are helping a lot of people. Your podcast has been so healing for me.