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Saturday, June 2, 2012


We're taking a break. Rich's PTSD issues are a bit unmanageable right now, and we need to focus on getting him back together before we can do more here. We appreciate your support. We'll return when we can.


  1. Hang in there, and best of luck with getting things back to normal.

  2. Take good care of yourself. We still need you brother Rich. ;)

  3. You are very important to us Rich! I wish you the very best my friend.

  4. HUGS. There must be something in the water right now. Some seasons of life are nicer than others. MORE HUGS.

  5. I only just stumbled on this podcast and listened to the first 3 eps; I'm really amazed at how far Rich has come after his experiences and what he has done in his life to educate others. I'm sorry to hear he's having a tough time. Please pass on my best wishes as well.

    Makes me feel fortunate that I did not have the same experience with religion. I simply stopped believing. My entire life except for the community I studied with was and still is secular. I can't imagine what it's like to have everything crumble and just having to re-construct your life from scratch.

    Hang in there Rich. I've barely gotten a sense of who you are yet, but I'm rooting for you all the same.

  6. Rich, I really want you to look at this:

    EMDR is a proven rational method to treat trauma, it worked for me and it's actually a lot faster than other forms of therapy.


  7. Take care, Rich.
    No pressure or rush to get back. This is your time to work on you. Best wishes.

  8. Hang in there Rich, I've also had success getting counseling with EMDR to help me with the issues I faced in living after faith.

  9. Burning the candle from both ends can be rough. You all have been very busy with LAF Then you work regular jobs. Take it slow and get better. Always good to make time for yourself.

    I find just being alone with a loving person with no expectations works wonders.

  10. DeannaJoy,

    Please make sure the two of you get outside, one hour each day, for some natural sunlight and vitamin D.