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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Consider Supporting LAF

We haven't asked for money before, but now we must.

If you like to LAF with us, we would ask that you go to and make a donation. Due to a sudden increase in subscribers, our bandwidth cost is now our second largest expense next to rent. What was a few dollars a month, is now hundreds of dollars, and with our medical expenses, we're in the hole.

We are working to find other hosting solutions, but for now, we need help.

If you can't help, we certainly understand. If you can, we appreciate it more than you realize.


Rich and Deanna Joy Lyons


  1. I'll recommend again that you look into DreamHost. They don't have limits on how much bandwidth you use and you would probably be fine with either the shared hosting ($8/mo) or virtual private server ($15/mo) plan.

  2. I've donated your first month with DreamHost on a VPN. You've done so much to help me work through my issues, I felt it was the least I could do.