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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Therapist Project - Darrel Ray Episode 59

Our good friend Dr. Darrel Ray joins us to introduce a new project. The Therapist Project.

The Therapist Project


  1. Thank you very much for this episode. I'm an atheist and currently working towards my Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy. However, the only school with that degree in my area (that I know of) is a Christian University. As the only non-believer in my class it makes things kind of uncomfortable at times. While I am not open about my atheism in class, I don't pretend to be religious in any way. I simply avoid the entire subject. Fortunately I have instructors that, even though they are minsters, they are very liberal minded and don't stress religion in class. They focus more on the science and ethics. My fellow students actually tend to bring up religion more than anyone else.
    I live in a rural, very Christian community so nearly all of the therapists I know of are religious/spiritual or also have a MDiv. I will definitely be registering with Therapist Project next year when I get my license.

  2. I'm an atheist that suffers from depression with suicidal thoughts. Right now I'm looking for a therapist and the project would really help me.

  3. Dezzy, please call a suicide prevention hotline. They can help you get help. First priority is to get to a place where you are not a threat to yourself.

    Do this.

  4. Sorry that argumentative theist comment got posted. Removed it. We want to keep all the theists and their bad arguments out completely. It's one of the hazards of a blog format. Tim, thanks for standing up to his nonsense. You rock.

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