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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Atheist Preachers? Yes! Episode 56

Deanna says you'll need a tissue before this one is over.

At the American Atheist Convention, Rich sat on a panel of former preachers who answered questions. But it's what happened AFTER the panel that is world changing.

Lynn, The Agnostic Pastor
The Clergy Project
American Atheists


  1. Amazing stuff. Thanks for getting this recorded for those of us who couldn't be there. I wish everyone I know would listen to this.

  2. Is there a transcript out there for Teresa's speech? It's just lovely.

  3. There hasn't been one that I've found, but I can type one up later. Or maybe my favorite husband (who is a much better typist than I) will help me do it. :)

  4. Although I am a Christian I find these podcast's very enlightening! I don't care for the very staunch atheism but I do love when I hear your hearts and those of people being interviewed opening up to reveal how they have come to the place they are now. I really love the honesty.