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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rich's Response to Pascal's Wager

I found this on my facebook Timeline, posted a couple years ago in response to someone who basically blasted by my wall and shat Pascal's Wager on it, then buzzed away.

I used to feel that way about Santa Claus. Believing, regardless of the evidence, or lack thereof. But as Christmas after Christmas passed without a visit form the Jolly One, I grew tired of seeing myself as evil. I realized he wasn't dissing me because I was bad, he simply does not exist.

I became immune to his judgment.

The idea of god is no different. For my entire life I believed. For 20 years I was a peddler of his lies. Then, I realized, he too, is a myth. He simply does not exist.

I would love nothing better than to die and find I am wrong. Because I would confront god with the evidence of the suffering he created, the childish acts he's done... yeah, he'd toss me into hell... if he could do that before I dove in headfirst just to make sure I didn't have to spend eternity with such a pompous ass.

I would rather live my life with intellectual honesty. I believe god does not exist. The wars and murders religion has caused are a blight against humanity. Realizing there is no one in the sky to make it right, it is incumbent upon US to make it right.

We can't "atone" for the deaths and suffering that religion has caused. The only thing we can do now is work to stop them from happening, and try to prevent them in the future.

I can no longer believe that god is the author of genocide, and thus I can no longer shun the responsibility for preventing it form happening in the future. I can no longer believe that AIDS is the judgment of god, so I can no longer shirk the responsibility of facing this disease. I can no longer blame the evils of humanity on the goodness of god.

Il believe differently now than I once did. I believe that we CAN stop the needless slaughter of entire races. I believe that we CAN cure AIDS, I believe that we are here for a short time.. and we must make all we can of each moment.

We are both believers.

I believe.

I believe there is no god.


  1. I like that...I am a believer. I believe there is no god :) I'm going to use that. Thanks!

  2. Simply beautiful Rich. You provide a perspective that can only come from a person who has lived, and indeed suffered, under religious systems that demands subservience for the privilege of being told that you are less than worthless, that asks you not only condone certain acts of genocide, but to celebrate and glorify them, that demands you to shun and condemn gays and lesbians for a choice they never made. Religions almost always wrap themselves in the banners of peace, love, and fellowship, but far, far too often that is nothing more than a mask for contempt, hatred, and divisiveness that lie beneath.