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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Janet Heimlich - Religious Child Maltreatment - Episode 38

Journalist Janet Heimlich's chilling book "Breaking Their Will: Shedding Light On Religious Child Maltreatment," does exactly what its title says. In the process, you may discover you are not the horrific human your childhood led you to believe. Once you realize that, you can attack the issues and voices that still abuse you daily in your life as an adult.

Janet's book is certainly one you will want to read. Her website has a very extensive list of resources and help for survivors of religious-based child abuse.

Breaking Their Will

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  1. Sad listening to this. I was lose to the preachers grand kids growing up in the church I was in. They both are in trouble with the law off and on, one more than the other. The grand son once told me he was so used to growing up being told what to do and not to do and abused when he steppes out of line that he feels he can not unction out of the prison environment. Last year he got habitual felon status for 3 felony drug charges and is now doing 11 years.