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Monday, March 28, 2011

Music Helped Heal From Religious Guilt -- Episode 21

Living After Faith now has theme music, compliments of Kevin Byrne. Kevin was a minister of music who left faith, and is moving up in Seattle's music scene. This episode features some of his music, and his story of escaping an abusive xtian group.

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  1. Interesting story, but I get the impression that Kevin still believes in a 'supernatural dimension' / god. He has just freed himself from the shackles of organized religion and is now free to worship the 'real god'!

  2. Hey Anonymous!
    I consider myself to be open to to the concept of a "spiritual" dimension predominately because of recent developments and discoveries in the field of Quantum Mechanics and theoretical physics. I think that as our understanding of the universe grows, so too will our understanding of our place in it.

  3. Great episode guys, I really enjoyed the discussion :)

  4. this was probably my fav. podcast so far. His background reminded me a lot of my own (UPC, Pentecostal Holiness) plus I do like that darkwave style of music too. The new "intro music" works, i like it.

    1. Really appreciate it and glad it meant something to you.