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Friday, February 18, 2011

Would you like longer episodes?

How would you feel about longer podcasts? We have several really good interviews in the recorder that NEED to be kept together to keep the relevance of the stories intact. I can break them up, but I don't feel like that does justice to the teller or the listener.

I'm finding as I speak with more people, and get them to tell their stories, that it takes more time than our traditional 20 minutes. I really want to bring the stories together as a solid unit rather than breaking them up.

They would be about an hour, or actually a little under. Please comment and let me know.


  1. Rich and Deanna,

    Longer podcasts would be great! I know some people prefer shorter ones for commutes but I am fortunate enough to be able to listen to podcasts all day at work. I love what you guys are doing and would very much like to hear the interviews in their entirety (not broken up).

    Thanks for a great show,

  2. I vote for longer episodes. Twenty minutes leaves me wanting more!

  3. I enjoy having podcasts on a regular basis the most. Even if they are short. I don't like shows that put together fantastic hour and 45 minute shows, every three months or so.

    I've seen so many shows that start to do bigger shows but that means more prep, editing etc. and it becomes more of a job than fun so they stop doing the show. I don't want that to happen to you. Thanks, you guys are great!

  4. Actually, in this case, the longer programs are less work.

    I totally understand what you are talking about, anon. Shorter is more difficult in this particular case, and letting it go long will help us get more out quicker.

    We will continue to do shorter podcasts as well, but the occasional long one will make less editing for us, and more content overall.

  5. I'd be happy with longer episodes when you feel it better suits the material.

    By the way, I listen to a lot of atheist podcasts, and yours is actually the shortest. Most are 45-60 minutes, a few are around 30 minutes, and a few are 90-120 minutes. So I'd say there's no need to worry about having some of your episodes in the 45-60 minutes area; although unusual compared to your typical length so far, it's not at all unusual as podcasts go. :-)

  6. I like that the episodes are usually short, but I do enjoy a long episode if it's a really good interview.

    I think my advice would be let interviews go where they go, be it long or short, but for topical episodes, try and keep them to under 30 minutes.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. I am always down for a longer podcast. I normally listen to the podcast while doing endless mountains of paperwork at work. So, a longer podcast helps me escape a little bit from the dreary mindlessness.

  8. Well, the Atheist Experience/Non-Prophets, Chariots of Iron, Atheist News, Irreligiosophy, et. al. --they all tend to clock in at 1 hr+, while FFRF's podcast is more like 30-45 minutes, and Annie Laurie has to be pretty tight with time to fit in station ID breaks, etc. Sometimes they feel kind of rushed for time.

    Yes, would definitely listen to a longer podcast from you, Rich, though I have to admit, the tighter editing keeping it at 19 minutes was a refreshing change to what I'm used to from other atheist/freethought podcasts.

  9. Fuck no. Shorter is better. Anything over 20 minutes and I'm already zipping through it, trying to cut the crap. Edit your gabfests down to reasonable size.

  10. I vote for longer. I like the interviews and always want more.

  11. I also vote for longer, in my opinion it's your character and that of your wife, the way you articulate that helps keep me on topic with an entertaining flair. Nice work all around, thanks for what you do.

  12. I enjoy the podcast, and would love to hear longer episodes.

    Just wanted to add the point that not every episode needs to be the same length. Some weeks could be short, some could be longer.

    I look forward to listening to LAF, and really appreciate a regular podcast, no matter what the length.

    Thanks for all you do...

  13. I would love to hear longer podcasts!

  14. I would love longer podcast they get me threw 8-10 hours a day at work when I'm surrounded by what i call the god squad. They hold bible studies at break and lunch and unfortunately I am the only (godless heathen baby eating gonna burn in hell but were still praying for you brother) employee there
    Thanks for everything

  15. I would recommend one of two things:

    1. A separate podcast feed where the longer episodes go and plug them on the shorter episodes. That way if someone only wants to short stuff or the interviews they can subscribe separately. I use an Google Reader with the Android Listen app to automatically download my podcasts so an extra feed doesn't bother me. Other could be different. Skeptics Guide to the Universe does this with their short format 5x5 and their longer normal podcast.

    2. One feed but come up with a title for the longer episodes so people can tell at a glance what they're getting (ie, "LAF Hour: Marylin Manson"). The only downside I see here is that automated downloading of all the episodes when you only want one kind is going to waste bandwidth.

    If you do decide to cut down the interviews, I would love to see an "uncut" feed where I can get the raw unedited conversations. I like that kind of thing.

  16. I think up to 30 minutes would be better. Your editing is great, but I know you have to cut out good stuff sometimes. I don't think there is anything "sacred" about 20, 30, 45 or 60 min. Edit to fit the interview. If it goes 30 min. one week and 20 min the next, so be it. It might even go to 45 some weeks. On my iPhone I have a 2X speed which I use about half the time on podcasts. That makes a 30 min. only 15 and I still hear everything just fine and can slow it down or repeat if I want.
    Darrel Ray

  17. I really would like much longer podcasts, your guests are excellent and so are you.

  18. I'd love to see longer episodes across the board. It would be great to add this to my host of hour-ish long Atheist podcasts.