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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We Have Voicemail Now!

(252) 32-LYONS

(252) 325-9667

You can use the widget on the left column of this blog, and it will call you to connect to the voicemail with the option to leave your number private, or you can use your phone to directly dial the number.

Leave us a message with your deconversion story in less than 3 minutes and we may use use it on a future episode, or you can just leave feedback of any kind. Now you can literally LAF with us!

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  1. I was very fortunate to be raised free of religion. I had the good fortune of having a Natural sciences teacher as a Dad, and though Mom tried to make me into a good Presbyterian, it never stuck, because Dad's science lessons did. Dad & I watched COSMOS together in the 1980s, taping every episode. My Dad was friends with a curator at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. We visited NASA back when it was WAY more geeky than it is now. I just couldn't take religion seriously. When I hit puberty and realized how sex-phobic religion is, that made me angry.

    I did have a (mercifully brief) religious experience in graduate school...but I blame that squarely on a study of Postmodernism that undermined my rational faculties...I embraced a very liberal new-agey kind of quasi-Christianity but it didn't survive long and though I did sink into a nihilistic depression for a few months afterward, I soon recovered myself and feel much more at ease with and confident in my naturalistic view of life and my atheist position on all religions.

    I guess that, though it is embarrassing, I'm glad I had that brief spurt of religiosity, since it allows me to be more empathetic with more traumatized believers like yourself, Rich. Thanks for sharing your story with us.