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Friday, January 7, 2011

LAFing on KUOW Seattle

When Rich Lyons first moved to Seattle, he didn't talk much about his past. People who know him now have a hard time believing that for over 20 years, Rich was a preacher at a conservative Pentecostal church in East Texas. But after Rich started to object to what he saw as hatred and intolerance, he began preaching acceptance, and the church officials pushed back. He lost his job and his marriage, spiraling into a suicidal depression. Rich explains how he came out of his depression, became an outspoken atheist and found a new community in Seattle. Rich Lyons talks with KUOW's Jeremy Richards.

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  1. Atheism is taken by many as a bad thing and associate it with Communism, our enemy... and/or nonbelievers and therefor outside of respectable society and having no morals what-so-ever.

    This in part due to our failed school system. Anyone who has read widely in general, Greek philosophy and Plato in particular, knows that Plato, a pre-christen, established a bases for moral judgement outside of any church!

    In particular, there are many "Secular Humanists" who have high morals, and little to do with churches. You are not alone and part of a historical movement dating at least from the reformation. (This means in part that you can't buy an Indulgence from a Church official to murder your mother-in-law with impunity.)

    I had my initial break by age 9, that resulted from going to Catholic School and being badly treated but being told the Church could do no wrong since it was directed by God, himself... I decided then, even at that age, that I wanted nothing to do with the church and possibly a God that would allow this...

    After many readings in both Christianity and Asian Religions and having gone to semenary, I have come to the point that most would call atheism but I think there is a profound influence in the universe in terms of Gods laws, Physics, etc, his saint is Darwin and his moralist is Plato. If that makes me an atheist, so be it.