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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

6-Word Memoir

Our 6-word memoir for 2010

Loving others gives life beauty, meaning.

Share with us your 6-word memoir for 2010!


  1. My 2010 memoir is not too different-
    Loving, being loved, expressing that love

    I wrote a paper on existential meaning of loving others and being loved. Sorry if this post is a bit long, if just wanted to explain it for myself and others.

    I claim that life is difficult to live if these two things are not met. One needs love to someone or dedicate their time and energy to some goal. This gives meaning that originates from the individual. It is the internal, the personal meaning one has. This gives the world meaning to the person, but it a meaning she or he has.

    Life is still hard, I believe if no one loves or cares for you. Being loved is the necessary compliment to loving others. Without attention a child dies. Their brain needs stimulus. Someone who is deprive of their contact with the world goes insane. The particular human context one lives in give the individual her or his self-understanding and meaning. This is very important in gender and racial issues. It is very important to individuals to be told that they are wanted and to be treated with respect. The human context gives people their meaning.

    Expressing love, whether physically (i.e. hugs, sex), in writing, or orally, shapes some of the most meaningful aspects of human life. How to express it and to realize when others express it and the depth of the expression is a life long task.

    The existential aspect of love is what I explored this year (though my interest started years before).

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