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Monday, November 15, 2010

Pushing through PTSD - Episode 6

These podcasts have stirred up some old symptoms. You can hear them in this podcast. I didn't want to publish this one, but Deanna says it's important. PTSD is ugly. This podcast is ugly, but you can hear PTSD first hand. And maybe you can see enough to realize you or someone you love needs help.

Here is a list of symptoms of PTSD from the Mayo Clinic.


  1. Love the podcast. Thought it was ironic that the medication that helped your PTSD (prazosin) is pronounced "praise-a-sin".

  2. LOVE it Geoff!

    Thanks for listening and commenting.

  3. I hear so many people speak of this period of their life from decades later. They don't have the vivid recall that you have. It's great to hear a victory story. You should definitely contribute your experiences to Daniel Dennett or some other researcher, if you haven't already.