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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Living After Faith Podcast - Episode 2

People have asked how I went from UPCI pastor, ultra-right-wing Bible-thumping young-earth christian to atheist. This episode answers that question.

WARNING: If you still consider yourself one of the faithful, this would be the one to skip, because it will ask questions that may cause your house of cards to crumble.


  1. The most shocking thing about this podcast isn't what happened to you, it's the fact that you were a minister for 20 years and yet you display such a lack of theological understanding. God was mad cause Adam ate an apple? If you eat God's apple God's son has to die?


  2. Philip, read Genesis. It actually says God was angry with their eating the fruit. Man is considered guilty of "original sin" which is the fruit incident, and that caused the crucifiction.

    Maybe YOU are the one who has little theological understanding.


  3. Is annoymous denying what the bible states?

  4. That was a pretty epic and honest account. I gave up on Christianity over more-or-less the same reasons. After some years of trying to maintain a deist outlook, I woke up one morning and realized I just didn't see any evidence for a god and walked away from the concept entirely. However, despite growing up in the Deep South, my household wasn't particularly fundamentalist. Hearing accounts like this make me very thankful that I have an immediate family that is pretty rational and that I managed to make friendships early on with people who were at the very least quite open minded.

    The most painful part of the process for me was initially dealing with realizing that this life is it and there is no intrinsic greater reason for existing at all. There are times where I still struggle with that a bit. Thankfully, after a relatively short time, I realized that just because there is no preordained reason doesn't mean humanity can't create their own.

    Anyway, I appreciate your willingness to put this out there for people. Thanks.

  5. Philip... dumbass... completely missing the point... but thanks Rich! Found you thanks to the Austin folks at atheist-experience y'all helping me on an interesting journey I can't even yet define