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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Living After Faith Podcast - Episode 1

An introduction to Living After Faith. (15 min)

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  1. Rich,

    It's excellent to hear someone covering what has happened to people who have left the fold. I had a kind of deconversion experience myself late in high school, and to this day I still cannot find the words to explain to others what the process was like.

    Just yesterday I was trying to convey to a friend what had occurred, but I still don't have the willpower to make it apparent. Luckily, these podcasts speak for themselves - I think I and many others will be linking to these to make the conversations with friends less intense.


    -Will T.

  2. Will,

    That's exactly why I'm doing this.

    Thanks for listening and for sharing.


  3. I heard you on Atheist Experience and decided to check out your podcast, and I am pleased. My experience is a little different, I am one of those atheists who lost any chance at faith the first time I read the bible. Perhaps I am one of those people who is "so constructed that faith is an impossibility." It is fascinating to hear different paths to similar philosophical positions.

    One skill that ex-pastors have that is much needed in the atheist community... I won't put to fine a point on it... is charisma--knowing how to craft a message and deliver it effectively. Your podcast is a pleasure to listen to. I am not saying that other atheists are a chore to listen to. They just haven't honed their craft to the degree that I imagine a reverend/pastor/priest must.

    I hope this podcast is a big step in the direction of providing a soft landing for people who are leaving their religious faiths.

  4. Thanks for putting up this episode again. I did not go back and listen to your earlier ones. Really enjoyed it.

    The part about getting back the wasted years was the biggest thing that stuck me. That is certainly something that bothers me often. I'm guessing most of us who have gone though similar situations, go through the same issues.

    Thanks again,

  5. Thanks again for these podcasts. I have listened to some of these over and over and over

  6. Hi Rich,
    I have discovered your Living After Faith site through Dr. Darrel W. Ray's books, where he recommends you.
    I had little idea that this type of information was available and am excited to learn more.
    I was raised as a born-again, evangelical Christian from the age of 12 (I am now 44)and have been programmed and indoctrinated to such a degree in religion that I have been unable to sustain relationships or a work life and ended up being treated as an out-patient at a mental health facility. It has affected and controlled my life in every way.
    My family are very religious but recently, I have begun to question my values and beliefs and I am in a confused position as I do not know whether I am a believer or not. I struggle with this and to inform my family will risk being cut off from them. I have always been the black-sheep of the family because I was unable to follow certain practices and in their eyes I am a rebel. This is due to marrying twice outside the faith and not going to church.
    However, since receiving marvellous therapy for 3 years and going on to train as a Coach, specialising in confidence and self-esteem issues and understanding the field of psychology, I believe that it is only a short time now until I am Living After Faith and enjoying my free spirit!
    Thanks for the podcasts and am looking forward to working my way through all of them and learning much.
    Best Wishes and Regards,
    Lesley Rennie